The attractions of the future? Between patents, big data and virtual reality

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It is these days that the Walt Disney Co. has registered a new patent, "Sensing and Managing Vehicle Behavior Based on Occupant Awareness". It is therefore a system to be applied on vehicles, able to monitor user behavior on the basis of instruments such as Disney Magicbands or other IoT wearables, or cameras capable of capturing facial expressions and sensors that record other physical parameters and local. Fear, boredom, fun? Depending on the data collected, the car will accelerate or slow down, and the attraction will offer new stimuli, to improve the experience.

Disney-trends-new-attractions-amusement parks-300x185It's a revolution in amusement parks, because the attraction will be more and more personalized, and will offer experiences and sensations specifically designed for a specific target of users, or even for the individual user. The patent specifies "The technology will allow attractions to personalize content for children, adolescents and adults, or those who seek strong emotions, or fear them. The control system can intervene on the vehicle by modulating its speed or movements … For example, the visitor may simply wish to be transported by the vehicle. In other cases, it may have signaled expectations – through a web or a Like questionnaire – to be entertained and involved in the experience.

Disney-MagicBands-Park-TicketIn addition to sensor design, the complexity of the system will be in managing the amount of data collected, their analysis in real time and the consequent actions, immediate, to customize the ride on the attraction. It is a confirmation that the true trend in the design of new experiences for amusement parks will be based above all on the data collected in the park, and the visitor's big data – found on social networks, related to online purchases and lifestyle. These data will be analyzed in conjunction with those related to the behavior of the host in the park, detected through wearables devices, such as wristbands or shartphone applications. Precisely the data on the behavior and expectations of the user will constitute the real wealth for the managers of amusement parks.

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